Welcome To Speech Therapy Centre - Sri lanka (Qualified Staff)

Chamber of Speech is a pioneer centre for speech ,language and swallowing management with a qualified staff including seniors in the profession-srilanka. It's a place where the kids and adults turn up for speech & language therapeutic services and the approach is holistic other than only clinical services. That is the reason the clients reach the minimum time to overcome the targeting goal.


  • Consultation by senior speech & Language Pathologist/Therapist
  • Individual Speech & Language Therapy
  • Group Speech & Language Therapy
  • Therapeutic kindergarten
  • Educational services
  • Research - training / awareness
  • Effective communication guidance
  • Professional voice quality development.... Singers....ect
  • Swallowing and feeding assessments and therapeutic intervention


Speech & Language Pathologist (SLP)/ Speech & Language Therapist

A health professional with graduate education in human communication, its development, and its disorders. An SLP specializes in the measurement and evaluation of language abilities, auditory processes, speech production, and swallowing problems; clinical treatment of speech and language disorders; and research methods in the study of communication problems.
Also called speech and language therapist.
-Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. 2009, Elsevier.

Supportive Services
  • Educational Services for slow learners & demotivated kids for all subjects.
  • Investigating sign language
  • Guide for Living with speech difficulties.
  • Slow speech
  • Speech and Public Speaking
  • Speech and Self Esteem
  • Stress Relief & relaxation
  • Support for speech disorders by intervening
  • Augmentative alternative communication (other communication ways) systems design for Adult non speaking clients(paralysed)
  • Parents training (individual/ group)